Abbey Theatre Minute Book 1908 - 1912

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Comyttee Committee

14/3/08. It was decided that -
M. O'Neill will take Miss Walker for voice pro.
during rehearsal of "workhouse" on

A. Sinclair will take Donovan and A. Walker
during rehearsal of "Teja" on Monday (reading plays).
Dress rehearsal of "Teja" and "Piedish"
on Monday night, call 7.30.

Present W. B. Yeats, J. M. Synge, Sara
Allgood, A. Sinclair, J. M. Kerrigan,
M. O'Neill.

W. B. Yeats


Next bill was discussed, car if Scapin not possible
"Hyacinth", "Hour Glass", "Shadow", Rising of Moon
Decided that Miss Allgood to take Miss Walker on Tuesday
16 - 3- 08 in verse reading. It was suggested
that M. O'Neill and A. Sinclair should take
Miss Walker alternatively, in peasant

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parts. It was suggested that the arrangement of the days work
- in teaching - should be arranged to take
place between 11 and 11.15 O'C.

W. B. Yeats

28th March
Miss Garvey was suggested to play the part
of "Miss Joyce" in "Hyacinth Halvey".
When the present rush of work is over it
was decided to recast "Spreading the News"
and teach new people.

Easter Monday bill "Hyacinth", "Rising of
Moon" "Workhouse Ward" and Shadow of Glen
J. M. Synge

8th April Easter Monday bill. "Hyacinth" "Work-
house Ward" "Shadow of Glen" "Rising of Moon"
The question of taking cues promptly was

J. M. Synge

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The bill for 30th April was discussed.
It was decided to play "The Well of Saints"
and "Doctor in Spite of Himself".

J. M. Synge

23/4/08 It was suggested that the
"Man Who Missed the Tide" and "The Work-
house" should be played on Thursday,
Friday and Saturday May April 30th and
1st and 2nd of May.

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Committee Lady Gregory
Committee Meeting May 1st 1908
Present [(xxx)] Miss O'Neill, Mr. Sinclair
J. A. [O]'Rourke J. M. Kerrigan, Sara Allgood
discuss, next week's bill, proposed to play
"Interior", "Doctor in Spite", "Kathleen",

W. B. Yeats

Committee Meeting May 9th 1908
Present W. B. Yeats, Lady Gregory, Miss O'Neill
Sara Allgood, Arthur Sinclair, J. A. O'Rourke
Proposed to play Sheridan's "Scheming Lieutenant", also
heard of letter written to Mr. [Poel ] re. teaching the Co. verse
Proposed teaching among the members by the members and
fill up vacant times when certain members would
be rehearsing on stage and others idle.


W. B. Yeats

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Committee Meeting May 16th 1908
Present W. B. Yeats, Miss O'Neill, Sara Allgood
J. M. Kerrigan, J. A. O'Rourke, A. Sinclair. Arranged
Arthur Sinclair to teach S. J. Morgan stagecraft etc.
next Week. [Settler] to play on Saturday 30th
[with] Scheming Lieutenant; Dervorgilla; Workhouse

W. B. Yeats

Committee Meeting May 23rd 1908. Present
W. B. Yeats, J. A. O'Rourke, J. M. Kerrigan, Miss O'Neill
U. Wright, A. Sinclair, Sara Allgood. Discussed
the advisability of having Ambrose Power and Miss A. Walker
acting with us and the "Theatre of Ireland", also
to play on next Friday and Saturday next the 29th and 30th
as the last performances of the season.

W. B. Yeats

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Committee Meeting May 29th 1908
Present Lady Gregory, W. B. Yeats, J. M. Kerrigan
Maire O'Neill, J. A. O'Rourke, A. Sinclair, Sara Allgood
discussed the touring of the theatre in Cork and Galway bill at
end of book. W. B. Yeats

Committee Meeting June 1st 1908 present W. B. Yeats
J. A. O'Rourke J. M. Kerrigan A. Sinclair M. O'Neill
Sara Allgood. Discussed bill for 1st Monday in August
suggested to play Country Dressmaker? and Riders to the Sea? and to ask
Miss Parry to come down to read the part of Julia or Norry
Shea. Also the programme for the Horse Show week
which is also entered at back of this book. Discussed
getting Boyle back and W. B. Yeats when in London to approach
him with a view to above matter.

W. B. Yeats

Committee Meeting Oct 26th 1908 Present W. B. Yeats
A. Sinclair J. M. Kerrigan M. O'Neill J. A. O'Rourke Sara
Allgood. Discussed the bill for Belfast week 30th Nov
Shadow of Glen etc. etc. Decided not to definitely arrange
bill until Lady Gregory comes up to town.

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Committee Meeting Thursday 12th Nov 08
Present W. B. Yeats (chair) Lady Gregory A.
Sinclair, J. M. Kerrigan, J. A. O'Rourke, Sara Allgood
to discuss what to do during S. Allgood's absence
in London. On Nov 26, 27, 28, White Cockade
Shadow of the Glen Workhouse Ward | Dec 10th, 11, 12, Dressmaker.
Teja. | then Belfast week, holidays, reopen Boxing
day with repertoire, aim then to open season on
14th Jan 1909 with Miser etc.

W. B. Yeats

Committee Meeting Janr 23rd 1909
present W. B. Yeats, Miss O'Neill, Arthur
Sinclair, J. A. O'Rourke, J. M. Kerrigan
to discuss bills for the next
three weeks decided Miser to
go on next week and other plays
listed for following weeks and
and discussed and decided to play for
the Feis Ceol a one act play on 9th
Feb. Also discussed to get another
Lady into the Co. and decided

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Mr. Henderson should write to Miss

W. B. Yeats

March 5th 1909, W. B. Yeats, Miss O'Neill
J. M. Kerrigan, A. Sinclair, J. A. O'Rourke, Sara Allgood
Discussed a couple of month's works and programmes
March 11th Pot of broth, Stephen Grey,
Scapin. March 17 and 20 Hyacinth
Kathleen Workhouse, Rising Moon, March 25
Robinson's play, Spreading the news, April 1st
Kincora, Time, Norreys Connell | April 1st
The Crossroads, Spreading the News,
April 15th The (?) April 12th Easter Monday
Man who missed?
Cork performance Man who missed, Kathleen,
Clancy Name? Hourglass, Workhouse
Riders, Spreading the news, Hyacinth
Proposed by S. Allgood, that the hours of rehearsal
be Monday, Wed, Fri, rehearse morning 11, 2 O'C,
night 8, 10.30. Miss Allgood take these night rehearsals,
J. A. O'Rourke take the mornings, Tuesdays, Thurs,

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Sat from 11, 1, ? 3, 5.30 afternoons, Miss
Allgood take afternoons, J. A. O'Rourke take
morning, until further notice.
11 to 1 Thursday and Friday

Meeting of the Company Sept 6th 1909,
Mr. Henderson in the chair. Present Kerrigan
O'Donovan, Miss O'Neill, J. A. O'Rourke, S. J. Morgan
Miss Walker, Sinclair, Sara Allgood.
Mr. Henderson read letter to the Co relating
to the signing of the book. It was
put to vote who should have charge
of the time book, Miss Allgood was

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Consultative Committee Oct 19th 1909
Present in the chair Lady Gregory, J. M. Kerrigan
J. A. O'Rourke, Sara Allgood, Miss O'Neill, A. Sinclair
discussed the possibility of putting on "Image"
Consultative Committee Jan 4th 1910
Present, in chair Lady Gregory, Miss O'Neill
J. A. O'Rourke, F. O'Donovan, J. M. Kerrigan
Sara Allgood. Discussed music with J. M. Synge
"Deirdre", discussed also getting up seasons programme
also getting up Douglas Hyde's nativity play. Hourglass
and Travelling Man", for Ash Wednesday week.
Miss Allgood to write to Miss Gustram and Miss
Magee, both suggested as understudies, for Pot of Broth
"Canavans" etc, etc,

W. B. Yeats

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September 23rd 1910
Consultative Committee: Present -
W. B. Yeats, S. L. Robinson, Miss Allgood
M. O'Neill, J, M. Kerrigan, F. O'Donovan
A. [Dinneen?] S. J. Morgan, U. Wright, J. A.
"That the line be drawn five minutes past
the hour called for rehearsal".
The absence of any members will be taken
that he or she is not present in the theatre".

[(?) (?)]
Fred Donovan
J. M. Kerrigan
Sydney J. Morgan
J. A. O'Rourke
Arthur Sinclair
S. L. Robinson

S. L. Robinson

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29th Sept 1910. Present.
S. L. Robinson, Arthur Sinclair, Sara Allgood,
Maire O'Neill, J. M. Kerrigan, F. J. O'Donovan,
S. J. Morgan, J. A. O'Rourke.
Business transacted: programmes arranged
for SeptOct 6 Man who missed the tide
Shadow of Glen
" 13 Muskerry and Spreading News

Subject to approval of directors

" 20 Miser and new play
" 29
" Nov.
Suggested that on occasions, night
rehearsals be held on Tuesday and Wednesday

S. L. Robinson

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Oct. 10 1910
Present S. L. Robinson, J. A. O'Rourke, A. Sinclair,
F. J. O'Donovan, S. J. Morgan, J. M. Kerrigan, U. Wright.
Alterations owing to Miss Allgood's illness
Oct 13. Instead of Spreading News; Rising of Moon
" 20 Miser; Glittering Gate
" 27 [Tillers] of Soil. Hyacinth Halvey.

Pot of Broth?

Nov 3 Mineral Workers;
" 10
" 17
" arranging of understudies; it was decided to
establish a system of understudies, giving at least one performance
to each understudy, especially in new plays.

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Nov. 22nd
Present: Sara Allgood
Maire O'Neill
J. M. Kerrigan
Fred O'Donovan
J. A. O'Rourke
Arthur Sinclair

Bill for 1st Dec. settled. Blanco Posnet. Coats.
Building Fund.
8th Clancy Name.
Eloquent Dempsey.

S. L. Robinson

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Dec. 2nd
Present: Sara Allgood
Maire O'Neill
J. A. O'Rourke
Fred O'Donovan
U. Wright
Arthur Sinclair
Sydney J. Morgan
S. L. Robinson
Lady Gregory
W. B. Yeats
J. M. Kerrigan

Profit-sharing scheme discussed -

S. L. Robinson

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Committee Meeting Jan 17 1911
J. A. O'Rourke
A. Sinclair
Udolphus Wright
S. J. Morgan
J. M. Kerrigan
F. O'Donovan
S. L. Robinson
J. M. Kerrigan
Maire O'Neill
Sara Allgood
Bills for Jan 26 Argimenes and Building Fund
" " Feb 2. Deirdre, and Martin Whelan"
" " " 9 Image, Piper
" 16 Heart's Desire, Birthright and Coats.

S. L. Robinson

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Committee Meeting 2nd Feb.
Sara Allgood
Maire O'Neill
Arthur Sinclair
Fred O'Donovan
J. A. O'Rourke
U. Wright
W. B. Yeats
S. L. Robinson
S. J. Morgan
Manchester programme cancelled

Lennox Robinson

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Committee Meeting 31st March.
Sara Allgood
Maire O'Neill
Arthur Sinclair
Fred O'Donovan
J. M. Kerrigan
S. J. Morgan
J. A. O'Rourke
U. Wright
W. B. Yeats
Lennox Robinson

Duties of committee

Lennox Robinson

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15th April
Maire O'Neill
Arthur Sinclair
S. J. Morgan
J. A. O'Rourke
J. M. Kerrigan
Lennox Robinson
Bills for London discussed, and understudies for

Lennox Robinson

15th April 1912
Sara Allgood
Fred O'Donovan
J. A. O'Rourke
U. Wright
S. J. Morgan
L. Robinson
Bills for tour discussed.

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Shadow of Glen Scheming Lieutenant, Rising Moon
Hyacinth Halvey, Thurs, [Fri]
Fri matinee Hour Glass Spreading the News
Riders to the Sea.

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Programme British Association 4th September
Scheming Lieutenant Pie dish
Hyacinth Halvey, Shadow of Glen 2 nights
Well of the Saints, Doctor, 2 nights
Kathleen, Rising Moon.
Pie Dish? Spreading the News } 2 nights
Golden Helmet?
[Refining] season 1st October
Sequel or Casey. Scheming Lieutenant. Piper
Golden Helmet

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1st night 2nd night 3rd night? Shadow of the Glen Riders to the Sea Man who missed tide Scapin Rising of Moon Hourglass Kathleen Dervorgilla Workhouse Ward


1st night 2nd night Scapin Hourglass Dervorgilla Kathleen Rising Moon Workhouse Ward Workhouse Ward Hyacinth or Jackdaw

1st Monday August./ Country Dressmaker, Riders to the Sea.
Tues, Thurs, Sat:
Horseshow week. Man who missed tide. Jail Gate.
Rising Moon. Scapin. Riders to the Sea. Kathleen;
Monday, Wed, Fri, [S].

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