09 - Activities February - May 1993

Containing mostly contemporary material reflecting the manoeuvres on both sides towards a ceasefire and dialogue. It comprises most notably a series of contemporary memoranda by Brendan Duddy summarising events ("The

Narrative") which were broken down into daily events to offer a chronological sequence. Titles were given to these by Duddy's son-in-laws who took dictation from him. For the other part there are also drafts and copies of messages from both the PIRA and the British government - including the counterfeit "The conflict is over" message [of 22 February], the British response in 9 paragraphs (19 March) and the PIRA's in 11 paragraphs [April], as well as their message of 10 May, with commentary on its complicated history. Original box labelled "February- May 1993". Documents span 20 February - 28 May 1993.