Elizabeth Coppin - Experiences from the Magdalene Laundries

Interview with Elizabeth Coppin who recounts her experiences and memories of time spent within various institutions, such as the County Home and Nazareth House Industrial school in Tralee, Co. Kerry, the Magdalene laundry at Peacock Lane in Cork city and later, in another Magdalene Laundry, in Waterford city.

Elizabeth describes the conditions in which she was detained, the lack of access to information and records regarding her identity, her health records, and records pertaining to her detention in various institutions run by Church and State in Ireland. Elizabeth further discusses the importance for access to these archives, her thoughts on various ways to commemorate the Magdalene Laundries and other institutions in Ireland, and also addresses her upcoming legal case which the United Nations Committee Against Torture has agreed to hear, in relation to accusations of systematic human rights violations in the industrial school and the Magdalene laundries. This case is being led by Dr. Maeve O'Rourke.

The interview was conducted by Anna Carroll, NUI Galway, and preceded by an introduction by Dr. Maeve O'Rourke. The event was hosted by the Law Society of NUI Galway and the Irish Centre for Human Rights.